Blonde Angel Is One Of A Kind Shemale Performer

As you probably already know, I've been a fan of Angeles Cid for a long time now. That's because I find this hung shemale to be one of the hottest I've seen and her style of tranny porn is beyond reproach. Whether she's making hardcore movies or softcore pics, she does it with her own style and flair. And it is never ever boring. This gallery is a prime example. For most performers, this kitchen photo shoot would be tricky. They wouldn't know what to do. However, she isn't just any performer. As I've stated, she's got style, grace and a whole lot of imagination. Which is why she knows precisely what to do. She gets completely naked and uses the counter as a fucking prop. She hikes her legs up so we can get a shot of her from below—a shot that puts both her tits and her cock in the frame. Then she begins to weave her tale of magic. Striking a variety of different poses that accentuate her amazing body. Then she ends the scene by grabbing her dick firmly, squeezing it and then holding it up to the camera. Didn't I tell you she was one of a kind? - check the whole gallery here!

TS Blonde Strokes Her Meat For Our Pleasure

Even though I've been a longtime fan of TS Angeles Cid, I still have trouble finding out about this babe. I've checked her current porn site and previous ones, and I just can't find out much about her. She's really kind of a mystery. The only things I know about her is she has blonde hair, hazel eyes, DD tits and a hung ten inch cock. And that's it! Of course, all you really need to know you can learn by watching her shemale porn. If you spend enough time soaking in her videos and pics, then you'll eventually learn everything you need to know about her. You'll learn that she is not only beautiful and sexy, but that she lives to entertain her fans. That is more than enough for me. I'll show you what I mean by letting you peruse this collection of pictures. In this gallery, she starts everything off by wearing a white bustier. Then she lowers her top to show us her tits and takes out her penis so she can begin to stroke it. Which she does throughout this scene. It's a lovely masturbation montage that really got me hard as a rock. Hopefully, it did the same for you. - check the whole gallery here!

Sexy Chick With A Dick In A Hot Underwear Porn Scene

Since I really can't show you shemale videos on this site—only pics and picture galleries, I've decided to turn up the heat by showing you some photos that will really excite me. I know this gallery will get you off because that is what it did for me. Almost instantly, I had cum after I had seen the sexy Angeles Cid doing her thing in this scene. She begins by wearing one hell of a sexy outfit. She's wearing a pair of frilly panties and a lacy bra. I understand how the bra is holding in her big juggs—because they aren't too massive—but I really would like to know how those panties are keeping in her dick. After all, it's like ten inches long and seven inches in girth. Kind of like holding back an anaconda, I would imagine. Her outfit is only the start of the show, however. The real magic begins when she starts to pose. She gives us a good shot at her cleavage and then she turns around to show off her backside. That allows us to see her back tattoo and damn—those panties are a thong—that round ass of hers. If that doesn't start up your motor scooter, I don't think anything will. - check the whole gallery here!

Tranny Jerking Off In The Shower

Since I turned up the heat in the last Angeles Cid gallery, I guess that I am going to have to keep it coming. Which is why I decided to show this particular picture gallery. That's because it shows a special kind of hung tranny sex. One that is candid and people don't really get to see very often. This scene shows our beautiful chick with a dick doing what a lot of us do first thing in the morning. Jerk her cock off. Yes, I know that you see this kind of action in solo shemale porn scenes, but this is different. That's because this one was caught spontaneously. This wasn't a planned shoot. This was this babe getting ready for her morning shoot by taking a shower and relieving a little bit of tension. Which is exactly why this scene is so fucking special and hot. Take my word for it, you won't find this kind of action anywhere—except for maybe on her porn site. It's a one of a kind thing that should really get you all hot and bothered. I know that it really got my loins going and inspired me to start my own morning jerk off session. - check the whole gallery here!

Horny Shemale Working The Streets

I'm sure that you've all seen shemale hookers at some point in time. Almost every city has them and they are often on the bad side of town. Which is what this picture gallery is simulating. While Angeles Cid isn't a prostitute in real life, I do have to say she does a pretty good job pretending to be one in these amazing transsexual porn pics. Take a good look at them; You won't be disappointed. She's all dressed up in her best picking up dick outfit. She's wearing black boots, a bustier, a jacket and a pair of thong underwear—and that's all she's got on. And as you may have guessed, the jacket and bustier come off pretty quickly. Which leaves her standing on the corner topless and wearing nothing but a red thong. If that doesn't catch a man, then I'm afraid this chick might not be that much of a talented whore. What puzzles me about this scene however, is that she changes her shoes. She goes from boots to high heel shoes. I kind of like the fucking boots and wished she had kept them on. Of course, beggars can't be choosers and it really doesn't change the dynamic of this scene all that much. It's still hot as hell. - check the whole gallery here!

A Different Kind Of Artistic Tranny Gallery

Okay, since we've been running balls to the wall with the Angeles Cid hung tranny videos, I've decided to pump the brakes a little bit. After all, we've been chugging along with some pretty hot and heavy action. Porn so stimulating, that I imagine that many of you have already drained your sacks and are kind of looking for a break. Which is why I am going to show you some pics which are more or less artistic. I'm not saying they aren't fucking exciting—because I think they are—I'm just saying they are a little less intense. That way, you'll have a chance to build up the spunk for your second or third jack-off session. I really like this picture gallery. It shows you a sensual and sensitive side of this hung shemale pornstar that you don't get to see every day. At least, that is what I think. Sit back and relax as this babe shows off her perky breasts while she slowly strokes her meat cannon. As she does so, be sure that you look at her face and see the real her. You'll be amazed by her sexuality and her softness as she strokes herself right to the end of completion. - check the whole gallery here!

Blonde Tranny Dresses In Black Corset And Fishnet Stockings

It doesn't matter if Angeles Cid is dressed up to go out on the town or if she is dressed for a private party. This babe looks fucking amazing in her black outfit. I have a real love of women wearing bustiers, fishnet stockings and high heels. And it's no different for this sexy shemale princess. It's even more stunning that she's a blonde. There's something about a blonde babe wearing black that really works. Perhaps it is the contrast of colors, or maybe it's because it's in our cultural memory that sexy fair haired women wear this color. I don't know. All I know is that it looks pretty fucking hot and I always love to see a woman dressed up in this color. Our babe really takes it to a whole other level, however. And it's not just with the addition of the 80s style lace gloves either. No, it's the fact that her outfit has an open ass that lets her bubble butt hang out. That is what really pushes this gallery over the edge. It also helps that her tits are so damn and perky to begin with, that when she pushes them up they look even more pronounced. - check the whole gallery here!

Sexy Slut Strokes Off Her Big Cock

A lot of guys doubt that Angeles Cid has a ten inch penis. And I would say they do because they have never really gotten a good look at it. Most of the time, they are just presented with a glance of it, or if they do see the whole thing it's flaccid. To get the full effect, you need to see it when it is hard. Which is why I think this gallery will crush the doubts of the naysayers. That's because in these pics—which I obtained from some shemale videos off of her site—you get to see every inch of her rock hard glory. She not only teases it to full erection, but she is also holding it up for you. Now try to doubt that penis isn't ten inches. Of course, this scene isn't just about showing off her penis size. It is also a pretty damn fine masturbation scene and should be checked out just for that. When this babe starts stroking off her meat, then you can just about hear a hush go across the entire audience. She's skilled at a lot of things, but she is really skilled at stroking her meat. Don't believe me? Well, check it out for yourself then. - check the whole gallery here!

These B&W Photos Aren't Art--They Are Hot Transsexual Porn

Here is another black and white picture gallery of this beautiful hung tranny. While the last B&W shemale porn scene was kind of artsy fartsy, I've decided to show you one that has a little more bite to it. A gallery that has teeth—at least, in a sexual way. I guess the only way to understand what I'm talking about is to check it out for yourself. At first, it looks like she is just going to pose nude. She shows off her big hooters, her lovely round ass and her long legs. Then she crawls around on the bed and lets us take a good hard look at her entire fucking body. Including her tramp stamp, which we really don't always get a good chance to see. Then she kind of takes the shoot to a whole new level. She rolls over to her back and holds up her rock hard cock. I guess all of that nude posing got her all worked up and sometime during the shoot she develops a hard-on. A fact that she uses to ramp up the energy level of the pics. After that, these pics take on a whole new significance. Wouldn't you agree? - check the whole gallery here!

Tranny Pulls Her Cock While Wearing Nothing But Boots

Remember how I told you that I love chicks in boots? That they have this way of driving me up the proverbial fucking wall? Well, then you'll probably understand why I love these tranny porn pics. That's because that is the only thing our favorite chick with a dick is wearing. That and nothing else. Wow, my dick just got hard—right this minute. I don't know the intention behind the filming of these photos, but I do know the result. They made my penis feel really funny. This chick really got my attention just standing there with her boots on. The footwear really makes her body stand out. Let me explain how. Wearing them really props up her legs, which in turn props up the rest her body. That makes her tummy look tighter, her boobs look bigger and her dick hang more freely. An effect that is amazing while she is just standing there. Hell, she doesn't have to move a muscle and she looks like a fucking goddess. And then when she starts pulling on her pud, it really gets interesting. Needless to say, this gallery really caught my attention. - check the whole gallery here!

Softcore Nude Modeling Turns Into Masturbation

Are you in the mood for some tranny videos? While I can't really provide those to you at this moment—after all, you really have to visit this chick's porn site to see that—I will provide you with some great porn pics. Pictures of this lovely hung shemale that will hopefully blow you out of your chair. It's a very intimate and sexually charged porn scene featuring this lovely babe stroking off her cock. Well, it doesn't start that way at first. In the beginning, it is her just writhing around on her bed showing off her stunning body. But I guess all of that friction on her dick really got her horny and she had to take a break to relieve some sexual tension. Fortunately, the camera was rolling the entire time. After this scene shows you this babe's sweet tits and her beautiful bubble butt, it then changes gears and shows her masturbating. She begins by taking all of that precum that had developed on the top of her dick and using it as a lubricant. She then began stroking her penis so violently, the head of it turns purple at one point. She strokes it until it shoots cum out like an erupting volcano—leaving jizz all over her stomach. - check the whole gallery here!

Bubble Gum Shemale Kick Starts Your Personal Fantasies

At first, I thought that this shemale porn scene was a little too bright and cheery for my tastes. After all, it starts out with this chick standing in front of a bright pink sheet, while she is wearing a pink bib with a cupcake emblazoned on it. Then I began to watch the scene and realized it was right in my wheel house. It's not like bubble gum pop music. This scene actually has some bite despite its eighties era sensibilities. This chick does some pretty hot things. She shows off her amazing tits and strokes her hung cock. And she does all of that while sucking on a pacifier. Sure, it would've been better if she was sucking on a cock, but you get what you get. You can always imagine that she is kneeling before you as you have your zipper down and she is eagerly sucking your thick, meaty cock. And when she is done draining your cock of all of its fluids, then you smack her across the cheek with its purple head. You can imagine that all you want. I won't stop you. I guess that is what really makes this scene hot. You can insert into it any fantasy you want. - check the whole gallery here!

Shower Scene Has Plenty Of Solo Shemale Sex

Tranny sex shower scenes really seem to get all of us excited, so I have decided to include another one here today. In this scene, our beautiful hung shemale really puts on a show that is not only destined to raise every cock on the Interwebs, but is also very likely to make those same cocks erupt like volcanoes. Everything starts off with this sexy babe showing off her body while she stands in the shower. Not all of it, however. Sure, she shows off her big round butt, one of her tits and her cock, but that's about it. But that's only because that is all you need to see. Because this isn't about us gawking at her body, it's about her getting off for her own benefit. It just so happens to be caught on film. That's correct. She's really stroking off her meat in this shower scene. As she does it, she opens her mouth so she can tease us with the prospect of getting a blowjob, and then she goes right about her business of cock stroking. An act which she continues until she's just about ready to pop—and then the scene ends. - check the whole gallery here!

Tranny Secretary Is Definitely NSFW

Do you want to see this hung tranny with a little more of a professional look? Okay, not an entirely professional look, but it is sure good enough for a shemale porn star. The striped and collared shirt, the skirt and the high heel boots. It's what passes for professionalism in the adult entertainment industry—lets put it that way. Of course, she wouldn't be allowed in a board room in that outfit. That's because not only is her bubble butt hanging out the back but her cock is hanging out the front. Then again, what she does next probably wouldn't be tolerated either. They just wouldn't allow her to suck her tits while she was pulling on her dick. It's not acceptable behavior for the office. However, it's perfect for shemale porn. Which is why I have included it on this blog. Watching her pretend to be a secretary while she jerks off and munches on her breasts is like a dream come true. I could watch this for hours on end and most likely will. Probably much longer than my lunch break. Oh by the way, this scene is definitely not safe for work. - check the whole gallery here!

Salute As This Shemale Raises Her Flag

When I first saw this transsexual porn scene, I wasn't too pleased with it. That's because I really didn't like the outfit this shemale was wearing. I mean, take a good hard look at it for a minute. It fucking makes her look like the Canadian flag. I just didn't get it. Then I realized that it isn't about what she's wearing, but what she has underneath her outfit. You know, all of the juicy bits and pieces that we really want to see. The big round and swollen breasts; the giant bubble butt of an ass and the meaty cock. That's what we really want to see. We don't care about what is covering those things up. And for the most part, she shows these things. She gets up on all fours so she can present her ass to us. She also pulls out her big dick and begins to slap it around a little bit. And for a grand finale, she takes her big ass titties and squeezes them together. I guess it really didn't matter in the first place what she was wearing. I guess I was just being a fucking bitch. - check the whole gallery here!
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